Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice involves the interference of any sort with the work of police, state or federal investigators, regulatory agencies, prosecutors, or other government officials. There are a host of crimes in Minnesota that may be characterized as an obstruction of justice charge:


One who: (1) escapes while held pursuant to a lawful arrest, in lawful custody on a charge or conviction of a crime, or while held in lawful custody on an allegation or adjudication of a delinquent act; (2) transfers to another, who is in lawful custody on a charge or conviction of a crime, or introduces into an institution in which the latter is confined, anything usable in making such escape, with intent that it shall be so used; (3) having another in lawful custody on a charge or conviction of a crime, intentionally permits the other to escape; (4) escapes while in a security hospital; or (5) escapes while on pass status or provisional discharge is guilty of criminal escape.

Fleeing a Police Officer

Whoever, by means of a motor vehicle, flees or attempts to flee a peace officer who is acting in the lawful discharge of an official duty, and the perpetrator knows, or should reasonably know, the same to be a peace officer, is guilty of a crime.

Warning of Police Investigation

Whoever, having knowledge that a subpoena has been issued, and with intent to obstruct, impede, or prevent the investigation for which the subpoena was issued, gives notice, or attempts to give notice, of the issuance of the subpoena or the production of the documents to a person is guilty of a crime in Minnesota.

Witness Tampering

One engaged in harming or otherwise threatening a witness, hoping to influence his or her testimony, is guilty of witness tampering in the State of Minnesota.

Interference with a Dead Body

Whoever interferes with the body or scene of death with intent to mislead the coroner or conceal evidence is guilty of a crime in Minnesota.

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