Municipal & Government Law

Today’s cities and townships face an ever-increasing demand for services and involvement. At the same time, cities and townships face difficult and challenging governmental regulations and requirements. The attorneys at Karkela, Hunt & Cheshire, PLLP, have the experience and knowledge to assist Minnesota and North Dakota municipalities operate efficiently within this ever-changing legal environment.

Cities and townships are regularly asked to make expensive improvements, or participate directly in economic development, and provide necessary utilities and services such as water and sewer. Our municipal and governmental team of attorneys and paralegals are familiar with the issues cities and townships face when they are asked to participate or provide improvements or services. In addition to providing legal advice and representation, our team is well acquainted with the engineers and financial consultants necessary to complete all municipal or township projects in this region.

We have the expertise to assist you in all areas of municipal and township law including: improvements, liability questions, tax increment financing, public/private partnerships, elections, meetings, codification and ordinance writing, review implementation, permitting, community development and redevelopment.

Municipalities are also some of our region’s larger employers.  We are well versed in the issues facing today’s public employers and have the knowledge to assist you with such employment decisions as hiring, discipline and discharge, wages and hour law, personnel policies and manuals, personnel management, and employee training and education.

Our goal is to provide thorough and detailed analysis to questions which you face. We also provide detailed and hands-on assistance in helping you to achieve your goals and complete your projects.  We invite any questions that you may have and further, make our services and resources available to you at any time.  Karkela, Hunt & Cheshire, PLLP – solving problems and creating opportunities for more than a century.

Municipal & Government Law Attorneys: Samuel Felix.