A misdemeanor charge in Minnesota is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. Common Minnesota misdemeanor charges include traffic violations such as stop sign violations, underage DWI, and driving after revocation. Non-motoring misdemeanors under Minnesota law include fifth degree assault, a first DUI or DWI, a first time violation of an order for protection and low level theft charges.

Misdemeanor Court Process

A citation or complaint is issued with a court date assigned. Some citations may be paid with a fine prior to the court date. The first appearance on a misdemeanor is known as an “arraignment.”  The defendant will be advised of his or her legal rights. The defendant may enter a guilty or a not guilty plea at the arraignment. If a guilty plea is entered, the Judge will pronounce a sentence. The sentence  may include a fine, jail time, and other probationary conditions. If a not guilty plea is entered in a misdemeanor, the case is set for a pre-trial conference. At a pre-trial conference, the prosecutor and the defense attorney will attempt to reach a resolution of the case. If no resolution of the case occurs at the pre-trial conference, the case is set for a jury trial. In a jury trial for a misdemeanor, both the State and the defendant may present evidence to a jury of six people chosen at the start of the trial.

Misdemeanors Sentenced as a More Serious Crime

There are a number of instances under Minnesota law in which misdemeanor behavior carries a felony penalty as a result of the offender’s prior record. For example, assault in the fifth degree is a felony if the offender has two or more convictions for assaultive behavior. Similarly, theft crimes of more than $200 but less than $500 are felonies if the offender has at least one previous conviction for an offense specified in that statute.

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