Family Law

The practice of family law often times involves matters which are not only legally complex and difficult, but emotionally taxing.  We understand that clients who come to us with family law issues may be anxious because of the complexity of the law and overwhelmed with the emotional burdens that accompany these issues.  Our firm takes pride, not only in our knowledge and experience of the law, but also in our understanding and patience regarding the human emotions that often times accompany these issues.  We recognize that clients who come to us with questions regarding their rights in a marital dissolution, questions about parentage, or any number of other issues encompassed in the area of family law are dealing with issues that affect their heart, as well as their future.  These issues affect all family members, children as well as parents.

Our experience allows us to recognize the personal aspects of these issues, as well as deal with highly complex and difficult legal issues.  Our firm has represented clients who have presented complex business and valuation issues.  We have successfully represented clients in complicated custody issues and have a network of experts available to assist when litigation is necessary on issues such as taxation, complicated business or asset valuations, pension rights and child custody.

We do not, however, look at litigation as the best solution in every situation.  We have successfully presented our clients’ positions in mediations and arbitrations.  Whenever possible, and without adverse effect to our clients’ rights, we advocate settlements which accomplish our clients’ goals, protect our clients’ rights, minimize the cost and expense, and keep our clients’ dignity in tact.

We believe that the most important things we can do for our clients is to listen to them and then advise them as to how they can achieve their goals and protect their rights as economically and expeditiously as possible.  Karkela, Hunt & Cheshire – solving problems and creating opportunities for more than a century.

Family Law Attorneys: Paul Hunt