Estate Planning, Elder Law & Probate

Every individual has an estate plan, determined by how they own assets (in their individual name, as joint tenants, tenants in common, with beneficiary designation, etc.) and whether or not they have a will or other estate planning vehicle, such as a trust.  Many times there are competing interests at work, with clients wanting to retain control of assets and yet minimize estate taxes due on death and/or ensure that assets are not exhausted by the cost of nursing home care in later years.

Whatever your situation, Karkela, Hunt & Cheshire, PLLP has the ability to guide you through the estate planning maze.  Whether you desire or need a simple will or more complex trust, our firm has the experience and unending commitment to offer you practical advice and help you pick and implement the options best suited to your individual needs.

Karkela, Hunt & Cheshire is able to provide advice on a wide range of estate or elder law issues, including powers of attorneys, health care directives, guardianships/conservatorships, wills, trusts, medical assistance and other public welfare programs, age discrimination and long term care insurance.  When you meet with us we will obtain a thorough understanding of your financial and family circumstances so that we can craft a plan to suit your expectations and minimize any tax liability.

Probate, estate and trust administration services include preparation of petitions to commence proceedings, assistance with preparation of inventories and accountings, preparation of deeds and other property transfer documents and post death planning advice.

Estate litigation services include trial of will contests, appearance at formal probate hearings and handling of disputed estate tax matters from administrative proceedings through trial and appeal.

Preserving and growing your estate requires careful and creative planning.  We are committed to understanding your needs and providing first class quality service.  Karkela, Hunt & Cheshire- solving problems and creating opportunities for more than a century.

Estate & Probate Attorneys:  Samuel Felix.