Arbitration & Mediation

Arbitration & Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution has become increasingly popular as a method of resolving litigation claims or other disputes more quickly and for less cost.

Perhaps you are well aware that the traditional legal system often proves to be costly and time consuming.  That system also tends to harden positions between litigants and can often cause ruptures in business relationships.  When litigants finally get to trial, their cases are often left to the whims of a 6 person jury who understand very little of the litigant’s business.

We have found early mediation to be a successful way to avoid the pitfalls of the litigation process.  You will feel in control of the situation because any resolution of the claim will be only with your agreement.  Mediation can be entered into as soon as a problem or claim arises – before lines have been drawn – increasing the chances of a successful result.

We encourage you to consider the possibility of mediation as soon as you determine that you cannot resolve a dispute on you own.  We have found this is especially helpful in resolving disputes with your employees or business associates.

Arbitration is an informal trial.  Advantages include a shorter time before the hearing, less formality at the hearing, less pretrial practice and a decision maker who understands the issues.

We have found that our experience as mediators and as an arbitrator provide us with valuable insight into the process allowing us to obtain a better result for you. Whether you want us to act as mediator for your dispute or whether you want us to represent you in a mediation or arbitration, we think you will be satisfied with our efforts. Karkela, Hunt, & Cheshire – solving problems and creating opportunities for more than a century.